And the puzzle of all weddings : how to organize weddings in your image, current, and which do not resemble those of others? Here are eight trends identified by the French Guide to Bridal Trends 2024 developed by the online specialist Weddings.netwho believes that couples should no longer hesitate to push the originality slider to the maximum: “It is the culmination of a long period of transformation in the wedding sector, during which couples have progressively freed themselves from certain traditions, to personalize the own wedding (…) The norm is therefore the anti-norm”. The wishes of the spouses and their originality take precedence over traditions, even at the cost of abandoning them completely.

Focus on social networks, videos and live music

Since the advent of social networks, it is no longer necessary to wait for the development of photos to see images taken by loved ones: it is enough just to agree on a hashtag (hashtag), often the names of the spouses. , to find all the photos and videos of your guests live on social networks. Among the contents you can post moments of live music: couples in fact prefer soloists, duets and groups who play live, giving a “popular dance” atmosphere. Note the appearance of batucadas, revisited versions of famous songs.

Finally, if it is nothing new to see photos and films projected during meals and post-wedding celebrations (44% of couples transmit memories that retrace the lives of lovers), now the trend is towards the “same day edit”, the and the airing of images taken on the same day. Artistic or funny images, with or without accessories, souvenirs, testimonials, messages to the spouses… The photos and/or videos are sometimes transmitted a few minutes after being taken.

Choose a short dress

It has been around for a long time, but the short wedding dress is becoming more and more sought after. It is considered more modern and more practical than the long one; in France there are around 4,000 searches per month on Google just for short wedding dresses.

It is also ideal as a second outfit, usually reserved for parties. Other alternatives are gaining popularity, such as 2 in 1 modular dresses, which allow you to shorten and lighten the dress by removing an element. THE Asymmetric dresses are also quite sought after and can be a good option for civil weddings.

Strike a pose with your veil

It was considered outdated, but the veil is indeed back. As proof: more than 6,000 Google searches per month in France concern this symbolic accessory, very popular in the 1980s.

How to explain this renewal? Probably social media, because the veil looks good in the photos posted online. Furthermore, the cape is essential in next year’s bridal fashion, especially for its appearancen functional role: protects against unexpected climatic events.

Getting married in black

To give a twist to classic weddings, you might as well start by forgetting white. Black dresses and suits are the absolute trend. It is no longer a prerogative of rock or gothic weddings, but a basic trend. «The black dress set the internet ablaze in France and in European countries such as Spain and Italy. It is not the work of a single creative house, but of multiple brands”, notes the Guide.

On brides, black dresses become the centerpiece of the wedding day or a second dress destined to surprise. It should be noted that the tie, preferably black, is also in vogue for the grooms, who will wear solid color suits. In the case of prints, the lines will prevail.

Place the flowers on the buttonholes

Flowers are no longer only in bouquets or on tables, but also on clothes, especially on buttonholes. Next year, these men’s accessories continue to stand out for their XXL size: bow ties, ties and large flower buttonholes have therefore become essential for creating memorable looks.

Choose a retro decor or a garden party…and don’t forget the ceiling!

In terms of decoration, the trends for 2024 clearly show a return to the 80s, in retro style. “It will be among the dominant trends of next year, above all because it lends itself effectively to the setting up of the reception venue,” claims the Guide. “The velvet sofas will be there! », the guide assures us: bright colors, geometric shapes and printed carpets, bright tones, reds, oranges and yellows will coexist for a dive into the 80s and 90s.

After the pandemic, the “garden parties” were a success. However, this atmosphere can also extend indoors: “The flowers, lamps, hanging chandeliers and candlesticks, plants, fabrics, disco balls… will form a colorful roof under which the party will be in full swing . It is the art of decorating the ceiling, a trend taken from roof style “, i.e. decorate the ceiling.

Opt for vintage and freedom during the meal

There champagne fountain signs its return, just like the “Naked cake”, which steals the show from the classic wedding cake. This layered cake will be covered in sugar paste and decorated in a baroque style.

Furthermore, traditional seating arrangements are giving way to “zoning”: seats will no longer be rigidly assigned, but guests will have the freedom to choose where they wish to sit. As for late-night hunger pangs, they can be satisfied by the “midnight snack,” a table or food truck serving fast food-style snacks.

Going on a honeymoon, yes, but with multiple destinations

Currently, 81% of couples who choose to go on their honeymoon opt for an international destination with, if possible, multiple stopovers or destinations. “After the pandemic, an irresistible desire knocked on many doors: the desire to travel and make up for lost time, which some have defined as the Journey of revenge (the revenge of the journey)”, says

Traveling, therefore, to distant and exotic lands with multi-day stays in different countries. Keep in mind that honeymoons with children or pets are now commonplace.

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